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@quarryprotocol/quarry-sdk - v1.10.7

⛏ Quarry

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An open protocol for launching liquidity mining programs on Solana.


Quarry was built with the intention of helping more Solana projects launch on-chain liquidity mining programs. It is currently standard for projects to manually send tokens to addresses-- while this is better than no distribution, it would be much better for the growth of the ecosystem if liquidity mining programs were composable and enforceable on-chain.


  • Quarry is in active development, so all APIs are subject to change.
  • This code is unaudited. Use at your own risk.


Package Description Version Docs
quarry-merge-mine Mines multiple quarries at the same time Crates.io Docs.rs
quarry-mine Distributes liquidity mining rewards to token stakers crates Docs.rs
quarry-mint-wrapper Mints tokens to authorized accounts Crates.io Docs.rs
quarry-operator Delegates Quarry Rewarder authority roles. crates Docs.rs
quarry-redeemer Redeems one token for another crates Docs.rs
quarry-registry Registry to index all quarries of a rewarder. crates Docs.rs
@quarryprotocol/quarry-sdk TypeScript SDK for Quarry npm Docs


Program addresses are the same on devnet, testnet, and mainnet-beta.


Documentation is a work in progress. For now, one should read the end-to-end tests of the SDK.

We soon plan on releasing a React library to makes it easy to integrate Quarry with your frontend.


Quarry Protocol is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

In short, this means that any changes to this code must be made open source and available under the AGPL-v3.0 license, even if only used privately. If you have a need to use this program and cannot respect the terms of the license, please message us our legal team directly at [email protected].

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